Student Bathrooms

The student bathrooms need work. The toilets in the bathrooms are one raised platforms (~8" tall) to allow the pipes to drain to the septic tank. So the floor is not even and doesn't allow for handicap access. The fixtures themselves are old and leak if they are turned on. They must be flushed using a bucket. The urinal in the boys bathroom doesn't flush. Also, the ceiling is very low especially when on the raised platform.


There are several things that we would like to do to the bathrooms:

  1. Raise the roof by 1 or 2 feet
  2. Raise the floor to make it all the same level and install a ramp to transition outside.
  3. Widen the sidewalk going to the bathrooms (currently less than 2 feet wide in some places)
  4. Install all new fixtures in bathrooms (5 toilets, 1 urinal, 2 sinks)
  5. Pipe in well water for flushing since it currently uses our stored rain water


We currently don't have a fund set up specifically for this project. However, donations can be made through Guam-Micronesia Mission to our Chuuk general fund:

If you donate to this fund and you want it to go specifically to this project you can send an email to

Thank you!