Flooding Building

The oldest building on the Chuuk SDA School campus is a wood building. This building is shown in the following picture as the building behind the bathrooms to the left side of the picture.



When it rains in Chuuk it pours. Four or more times per year the rain is hard enough and long enough that the 4 downstairs classrooms will flood. Each time they flood, classes must be put on hold until the water can be removed and it can be cleaned up. The wooden walls also get soaked when it floods which leads to wood rot.


There are a 3 solutions to this problem, in order of lowest to highest cost:

  1. Dig another large trench to take the massive amount of water to the ocean at the edge of the property; or install 1 or more large sump pumps to pump the water to the other side of the high school building. There is currently a 10 inch pipe that removes water from the area, but it isn't big enough to remove the water fast enough. 
  2. Lift the building and pour at least 8 inches of concrete under the entire structure and surrounding area.
  3. Replace the building


We currently don't have a fund set up specifically for this project. However, donations can be made through Guam-Micronesia Mission to our Chuuk general fund: https://www.gmmsda.org/projects/chuuk-school

If you donate to this fund and you want it to go specifically to this project you can send an email to chuuksdaschool@gmail.com.

Thank you!


See video below that shows the flooding