Registration Form for 2019-2020 School Year:

Student Information

Father's Information (or Guardian 1)

Mother's Information (or Guardian 2)

Parent's Agreement with Chuuk SDA School

I hereby indicate my full agreement with all of the policies, rules and regulations of the Chuuk SDA School pertaining to academic standards, guidance and discipline, and financial obligations towards the prompt payment of my child’s school fees. I agree to the school’s academic policies which at the end of each school year require my child to make up for one or two failing grades during summer school but repeat the same grade level if the child fails in more than two subjects. I acknowledge and respect the school’s authority to administer guidance and disciplinary measures when my child violates school rules and regulations. I understand that guidance and disciplinary measures include suspension and sometimes expulsion from school depending on the frequency and seriousness of the violation. I recognized the fact that Chuuk SDA School is a drug free environment in which the possession and use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and betel nut is prohibited. I also grant the school permission to enforce financial control measures in the event of my failure to pay my child’s dues promptly and on time. This may include suspension of the student from examinations, classes, and in serious cases termination of the privilege of attending school.